Calas Galadhon’s “Noel” Christmas is open to the public – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Noel_001Here’s wishing all of our ‘Calas Galadhon Park’ guests a very special Holiday Season this year! To be able to do something special for our visitors this time of year is important to both of us. Calas has always been our Second Life home, but when we made it public in November 2009 it created a family for us .. our group members and friends.

Thank you for all of your support over the years … not only in your donations but in your kind words of appreciation and encouragement. Things may change a bit in the next year, but Calas will remain a haven for all of you when you seek a place to get away from the craziness that SL & RL can be 😉

To really enjoy “Noel” be sure to accept our Region windlight, .turn on Advanced Lighting Model in your Graphics settings (shadows even better if your system can handle it) and turn on Truck’s special Christmas Stream for a more immersive experience. We have tried to keep scripts and particles to minimum, We have created the snow effect with a mix of Alex Bader’s amazing particle snow system with our own mega prim to help make it a bit easier for those with less hefty systems. If the snow particles cause a drop in frame rates, you can try reducing the particle count in your Graphics preferences. Turning off Advanced Lighting and shadows (if on) will probably help the most if lagging. We want you to experience the build at its best!

We do ask that there be no flying and scripts be kept to a minimum please – under 200 (100) during performances!

Finally … . you may find some ornaments lying on the ground here and there across the landscape. That is to show that there is a ‘photo op’ nearby … pose or poses for a great snapshot!

We wish to express special gratitude to our dear friend , Kerena Zhangsun for not only helping us around the Park sims, and hosting at our OZ Nightclub, but for creating a number of the wonderful gifts we have for our members this year as well sharing some of the poses you’ll find around the sim… and one great particle ‘poofer’! 🙂

Special thanks and hugs to our friend and Dolphin Cafe Hostess, Alicia Underby and to our friend and Webmistress, Romie Vella for all of her great work on the website Great ‘Photobombs’ of the events too, Romie!

That said … here is your SLEIGH TO NOEL! The gates are open 🙂

Have fun at the Park and ‘Noel’ through December!


Ty & Truck

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