‘NOEL’ opens to public DEC 1st!

We are excited to announce that this coming Saturday morning, November 29th, we will be opening our new Christmas sim ‘ NOEL ‘ to our Calas Announcement Group members followed by a public opening to all of Second Life on Monday, Dec 1 !  For those who visited ‘DARKWOOD’ last month, you will probably be a bit shocked that such a transformation could take place in  a little over 3 weeks … lol. The magic of SL.


Our group members are welcome to invite a guests (several are fine :), but we do ask that this year our members wear their group tags during the preview and that all guests be accompanied by a member.

Your group tags will also be needed to accept the group gifts we have inside the Calas Christmas Pavilion.  Our sincere thanks and love to our friend and staff member, Kerena Zhangsun for creating many of the beautiful group gifts this year !

We’ll provide the Landmark with the group notice at the time of opening.

Below you will find the schedule for our Holiday shows at the Christmas Pavilion throughout the month of December. While, because of our own time limitations, most of our shows are in the evening (slt), we will be having two at times that will hopefully make it easier for those in other time zones to attend.

December Schedule @ Christmas Pavilion 2014

The Christmas holidays has always been favorite time at ‘Calas’.  We first opened Calas Galadhon to the public, along with the Dimrill Dale and Mirromere sims during this time of the year in 2009. We are indeed fortunate … and grateful to all of our friends and supporters … for still being a part of Second Life.

Whether exploring at the Park sims, taking part in its winter activities or enjoying ‘NOEL’, we hope you’ll share some time with us this December!

Our very best to you and Happy Holidays!

Ty & Truck





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