‘DARKWOOD’ OPENS to the Public!

and makes Editor’s Choice in the Destination Guide on the same day! DARKWOOD SIGN for Blog post After giving our Calas Announcement Group members and their guests the opportunity to enjoy our new Halloween sim “DARKWOOD” on their own for nearly two days, we’ve opened to sim to the public. Today we also we’re pleased to find that ‘DARKWOOD’ made it to Editor’s Pick’s in Second Life’s Destination Guide! WOOT! 🙂 Some  more great news!  You’ll never believe who I found this morning on my Park rounds … lounging around Eryn Vorn  (doing absolutely nothing to help us out I might add} Snapshot_001 that just would not do ..after all the work we have done to give him a place … however temporary … in Second Life.  Needless to say, I wasn’t going to stand for that.  Next snapshot our dear Kerena Zhangsun took of the first Darkwood Greeters shift today of   I was sleeping in 🙂

Darkwood Greeting Party ... photo by Kerena Zhangsun

Darkwood Greeting Party … photo by Kerena Zhangsun

Just a reminder that the new sim stays open until Nov 1.  We hope you’ll join us there over the next month … and definitely hope to see you at some of our costume events throughout the month at the DARKWOOD PAVILION.  Watch our notices or check here frequently for the dates and times. Your boat to DARKWOOD

4 thoughts on “‘DARKWOOD’ OPENS to the Public!

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  2. Nearly scared me out of my wits but I found the Pavilion all by myself 🙂 Y A Y as I pat myself on the back 🙂 Thank you for a most fascinating Halloween trip 🙂


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