Progress on Calas Donations for May 1-15, 2014

As promised last month, we are providing you with a mid month report on the status of donations across the park covering the period from May 1 – May 15 2014.  We do this in hope that our members (and visitors) can see … and appreciate … how their support, through donations, is progressing. As we’ve explained most recently in the May 2014 Field Notes, in order to keep from reducing the size of the park estate (removing sims) it is necessary that at least 60% of the total ‘monthly’ cost of the sims come from the park donations with Truck and I carrying the remaining 40%.  As the chart below illustrates, if the support for Calas continues for the last half of the month at the level it has for the first two weeks … its looking wonderful 🙂

Donations by Sim2 May 1 - 15 2014

Our deepest gratitude to those who are able and do support Calas in this way for without you it is clear that continuing to keep the park open and public as it currently is would  not be possible. You are the best!


2 thoughts on “Progress on Calas Donations for May 1-15, 2014

  1. Thank you for posting the info boys as it is good to see, wishing you both well, and more donations people please, lets keep the best place on the grid, love jaici


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