The Eryn Vorn region gets a facelift in 2014 :)

On your next journey around the Calas Galadhon Park Sims be sure to boat, kayak, ride or hike over (flying is for sissies) 😛 to see what we’ve done recently to this often unseen gem of Calas. Tucked into  the southwestern corner of the park, it’s been through several changes since it first arrived in January of 2011. Originally a ‘homestead’ region, it was home to the old Sleeping Bear Lodge … a big beautiful log structure which had a large sweeping terrace and two addition deck areas for guests overlooking the lake.

Some of the early photos of Eryn Vorn taken in January of 2011


When we had to cut back in early 2013, rather than give up the sim, we converted it to an Open Space region and re-landscaped it, making use of almost every one of its 750 prims with just enough left over to allow for a passing balloon or cuddle boat (it passed and still does pass through a tunnel there) as well as the canoes, kayaks and other boats available around the Park.

Eryn Vorn 2013

Eryn Vorn 2013

The past couple of weeks, while keeping the main overlook facing Gulf of Lune, and the lake, this latest ‘redo’ of the sim makes it more horse and hiker friendly, as well providing more useable areas for cuddling, dancing, sitting with friends or private contemplation.  You may also see a flock of geese flying over as well as new gulls over its waters. We are pleased with its new look.  We hope you will be as well.

Eryn Vorn May 2014

Eryn Vorn May 2014

To Eryn Vorn

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

Ty & Truck

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