Happy Easter & more good news!

Rainbow @ Calas Galadhon 2014 by Kerena Zhangsun

Rainbow @ Calas Galadhon 2014 by Kerena Zhangsun

For those who celebrate, we first want to wish you a very Happy Easter this Sunday!

We have placed 3 beautiful Calas Easter baskets at the Park Entrance on the Calas Galadhon sim. They are $100L each and are transfer only so you are able to use them as Easter gifts to others. All proceeds will go towards the April donation total for the Calas Galadhon Sim. There is still time to pick one up and send to your friends. There is also a new free Easter version of the Calas Gift Bear (very cute) at the entrance as well as free Gift Shoulder Bunnies near the Gift Orchid just south of where you land.


Truck and I wanted to make a couple announcements that will hopefully help brighten your experience while visiting our Calas Galadhon Park sims.


With things looking more like we’ll be able to keep the Armenelos sim if the financial support or our members and guests continue at the current level, we are working to gradually bring back our live music performances to the sims. We’ve both missed it. It’s a time when Truck and I can visit with our friends, members and guests, while enjoying some of the finest musicians and singers in Second life. Antonio Galloway reopened ‘OZ’ Nightclub last Friday (the 11th).  What a wonderful night and crowd!!! It was so good to have the club filled again with music, friends and guests. This coming Tuesday, April 22 @ 7pm slt, our friend and talented performer HammerFla Magic will be returning to ‘OZ’ for an hour of great music and fun. There will also be another performance with Antonio, also at OZ the following Friday, April 25th @ 7pm slt. We hope to see you there.   Plans are being made to bring The Dolphin Café alive again … be sure to watch the schedule and posts on the website and the Group notices in world. We’ll keep you posted 🙂


We are pleased to let you know that financial support from the donations of our members and guests are right on track for April … where they need to be (37% of the 60% of monthly cost needed) to keep the Park together without having to get rid of any more sims. Below is a summary of how this month is going so far. (click to enlarge) Donations by Sim2 April 1 - 17 2014 As mentioned in our April 2014 Field Notes, this will mean that if donations reach the 60% of the cost by May 1, Truck and I will be able to cover the remaining 40% (approx. $600.) of the total cost of the Park ($1,485. per month)) keeping the Park ‘as is’ with all 11 sims. Until we can find a script that will let you view how donations are going on the website, we’ll update you not only monthly, but midway through each month as well. The donation kiosks on each sim let you know how each sim is doing for that month. Remember that a donation of any size does indeed make a difference. We appreciate each and every one of you. We’ll report to you how successful all of our efforts … yours and ours … have been in the May 2014 Field Notes.

It is important to realize that in our fifth year keeping the Calas Galadhon Park Sims alive is a collaborative effort … the sims continue to exist as they are now only because of your support. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so loyal and generous to Calas.

As we’ve said before, nothing is ever a sure thing in Second Life or RL, but with your help we’ll continue to do our best in keeping Calas one of the most unique destinations on the grid.

Finally …


Thanks to Kerena, we are putting together a list of locations (with landmarks) to all of the boat, bike, horse, kayak, canoe, etc. rezzers as well as the locations to the Calas scuba gear, swim balls and the ride able fauna on the sim … how many of you figured out you could ride the eagle across Gulf of Lune?  It’s only been there three years … lol. I know many of you have asked for such a list.  We hope to have that to you shortly.

As usual, please let either Truck or I know if you have any questions or concerns regarding Calas.

Enjoy the rest of April!

With gratitude and affection,

Ty & Truck

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter & more good news!

  1. Am so glad that each citizen that has visited Calas is inspired to donate to keep Calas just the way it is ~ thank you again Ty and Truck for making Calas my favorite among all to visit and enjoy … Happy Easter ~ btw ty for the baskets …… hugzz ~ Starr & Brutus


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