Calas Galadhon Park officially opened at 8:17:59 SLT this morning!

Truck&Tymus-3ASee below for some important notes and a preview🙂

Our Live Music program remains on hold for now.

Both cuddle boat tours … and the balloon tour of course … are up and running … just in time for ride with your favorite Valentine 🙂

You will find new Donation Kiosks on each sim.   On each kiosk you will find information including:

  • our monthly cost in fees to Linden Lab for that particular sim in US dollars
  • the ‘TARGET’ amount in Lindens if we are to meet that monthly cost for that sim via donations
  • a progress bar showing how close the donations for that sim are to meeting the monthly ‘TARGET’.

Each donation kiosk will be reset at the beginning of each month to give an accurate monthly accounting on how that sim is doing in cost coverage.  As in the past, you will find in some cases multiple kiosks on any one sim.  All kiosks on a sim will now be networked so that any donation to that sim will show on ALL of that sims kiosks … including any change to the progress bar.

It has become clear to both Truck and I that it is likely that we will be reducing the size of the Park once again by May 1st.  How the Park will look after such a change, is yet unclear. With a current cost in fees to Linden Lab close to $1500 US/month and with  increasing RL demands for time and funds, this decision has been an obvious, though painful one, for us to make.  We both do love the work and sharing it with our friends/members and with the SL public.  As usual, we will keep you as up to date as possible.

That said … welcome back and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Ty & Truck

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