Our 2013 Halloween build, ‘VEIL OF DARKNESS’, opens tonight at 6PM

Calas Galadhon's 'VEIL OF DARKNESS'

Calas Galadhon’s ‘VEIL OF DARKNESS’

We are pleased to announce that we are opening our 2013 Halloween build  ‘VEIL OF DARKNESS’ to our Group Members tonight at 6PM slt – here’s your hearse!

‘Veil of Darkness’ will be open to the general public on Monday, October 14th, giving most of our members an opportunity to explore it first.

We will be having 4 shows at the Halloween Pavlion there on Oct 22,23,24 & the Halloween Ball on the 29th.  Watch for the notices.

The landmark to the sim where the build is located … ‘SilverMyst’ … will be sent to our members when the notice goes out.

A couple of important notes:

. Best Viewing:  For best viewing we suggest you accept our Windlight setting. A 2nd choice would be to turn your time of day to ‘Midnight’.  This is a dark build, particularly inside the Castle so you may want to adjust the brightness on the display.   For those that are able (your graphics card can handle it ) you might also turn on ‘Advanced Lighting Model’  (in Firestorm viewer).  Any of the above settings will have you view the build in the way it was designed 🙂

. Scripts: Halloween in SL is notoriously script heavy and prone to lag.  We have done our best this year to minimize that.  To help us with this we have set a script limit of 200 per avatar (less than 100 would be better).  If unsure of your script count, please check it out prior to heading over to avoid any problems.

No Flying:    To have folks experience the build as we designed it, Fly has been turned off on this sim.  We do ask that you respect our wishes by not using a Fly Override while visiting unless absolutely necessary.

. Watch for torches and signs:  We encourage you to explore the detail in the various areas such as  the village, the swamp, the Pavilion …  to take a raft tour … eventually finding your way to the top room of the castle. See if you can find the door there to return safely to where you started out.

We have done our best in giving some aid to assure one gets to see as much of this sim size build as possible by lighting your way to the castle with torches as we did in the Jungle of last years build. Sign posts on the ground level will also help.  Once inside the castle we expect you to get lost ;-))  but no worries, we haven’t left you completely at the mercy of what may dwell inside.  Watch for less obvious directions on which way to go.

Don’t be afraid to Touch:   As with all of our builds, we have placed a number of interactive experiences around … some more obvious than other.

If you run into any problems, or need assistance and Truck or I are around, please don’t hesitate to  contact either of us.  Or you could try and just SCREAM real loud 😉

Above all HAVE FUN!


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