Samm Qendra TONIGHT at The DIG, the live music venue at Calas’ 2018 Halloween build, The MAZE!

Join us TONIGHT for #SecondLife Live Music featuring Samm Qendra at The DIG, the Calas Galadhon Park Halloween build for 2018 – The MAZE! Tonight’s costume theme is “Ghosts, Ghoulies & Goblins” – join in the fun! 7pm SLT! Here’s your ride: The DIG

Heads up for future show with Savannah Rain – “Witches & Warlocks” and Reggie Sunset – “Things that go bump in the night” 🙂

Djembe Dragonfire @ The Dig, Calas 2018 Halloween MAZE video!

It’s long, I’m sorry, but it’s sooo hard to cut out any of Djembe’s music!  (and your costumes were aMAZEing!)   Enjoy Monday night all over again: Djembe @ The Dig!

Don’t miss TONIGHT’s Voodoo Shilton Show, 7pm SLT @ The Dig!

And spread the word about this year’s Calas Halloween build, The MAZE – only two weeks left – here’s the LM to pass around;)


New stuff added to The MAZE, the 2018 Calas Galadhon Halloween Build!

#SecondLife Because they just can’t quit, Ty and Truck have added a few more options to your visit to The MAZE, Calas Galadhon’s Halloween build for 2018. Now you can travel via journey cloth and see some of these previously inaccessible places/views:)

You can take the tour boat!

You can explore on foot!

You can levitate by journey cloth!

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