Change in the new year


It is hard to believe that another year has passed in Second Life as Calas Galadhon Park enters its sixth year.

‘Calas’ has changed a little over the years, sometimes out of necessity, other times out of a desire to keep the park fresh and filled with new discoveries. For 2015 it will once again be a mix of the two.

While all changes in the months ahead are not yet worked out, it is clear that we will be removing the Santorini build on the Armenelos sim this year. For a number of reasons we feel this is the best move for us. While ‘the village on top of the hill’ has been popular in years past we both feel confident we can come up with something new to make up for it – a new and updated Misty Mountains for one 🙂

For those who might be concerned, we have every intention of keeping our OZ Nightclub and are discussing plans on how The Dolphin Cafe might be worked in.

If you want to visit Armenelos to spend a little time there or to take photos, remember we will be closing the sims sometime early morning (SLT) on Thursday, Jan 1.

Again, we want to assure you that no matter what changes to ‘Calas’ are made this year, we will continue to bring and share with you our very best!

We will keep you updated on the changes as they unfold.

Let’s look forward to 2015 with excitement and promise.

Best wishes for the new year!

Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith


3 thoughts on “Change in the new year

  1. I speak for myself but I always look forward to the new changes that you make ~ some I know are out of necessity but you both have a way that makes Calas fresh and always fun to come and look what you have added or changed ~ again thank you both for making Calas my favorite go to place ~ hugzz


    • thanks so much Starr … the decision to make the change of the Armenelos region was a very difficult … but necessary one … for us. No one loves that village on the hill more than Truck and I. It was a build that was custom built by a friend of ours, Bora Rossini for Truck to place on his first sim in 2008. Placing it on Armenelos was it’s third reincarnation and it’s best! A couple of years ago, Bora also created a similar build in the same Santorini style … on the Avination grid. We’ve seen it and although different, it is just as beautiful. Truth be told, I hate to take down ANY of our builds.. seasonal or otherwise. They are like our kids. I’m guessing that the Lab won’t waive the high fees for its server space anytime soon 😉 and we’ve accepted the reality. That doesnt mean, with our available SL time and the continued support of our friends, members and guests we can’t continue to make ‘Calas’ one of the more unique destinations in SL.

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  2. and don’t forget the underwater area on Armenelos, take a last look, it is very pretty, and if you can find the whales sounding on the back side of the sim, near Misty Mountains, it is worth it..


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