Valyria by Inara Pey

Valyria by Miky Oyen

RG Giano’s lovely video memory of Calas Christmas

A beautiful view of Noel, the Calas holiday sim by Inara Pey for 2014

A lovely  machinima from Lana Dasmijn who graciously said Calas invites people to dream – thank you!

Here is another wonderful video that captures the spirit of Darkwood – it’s a great little story, too! Enjoy:)

Boo! Enjoy this wonderful video by Lex – Darkwood, the Calas Galadhon Park Halloween build for 2014:

Things are constantly changing at Calas Galadhon, but here are some videos made by friends for this year’s holiday season and some of our past looks – enjoy:)

You can also see more video tours of Calas at these links: